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We believe consumers should be informed about online advertising technologies and have the ability to choose whether they receive ads targeted to their interests.
For more information please see our Privacy Policy.

Our Opt-out Tools
Mobile Device Opt-Out

You can opt out of 33Across's use of identifiers provided by your device's operating system through features provided by your device or operating system maker. To learn more about how to opt out of identifiers provided by mobile devices click here.


We provide a number of alternatives for consumers who do not want to receive ads which use our interest prediction technology:

Please Note

If you change computers or web browsers, or use multiple computers or browsers, you need to complete the opt-out procedure for each computer and browser.

If you choose to submit your email address to opt-out of email-based advertising, we store a hashed version of your email address as a representation of your opt-out request so that we can map your request to all the advertising identifiers we have associated with that representation in our system. This ensures that we can suppress your information from use for targeted advertising once you submit your opt-out request. Please note that the email addresses you provide are only used for suppression and not stored in human readable form.

Opting out of 33Across ad targeting means we will not collect information and not use our interest prediction technology to deliver ads. Opting out does not mean you will not see any advertising.

Your Rights and Choices

If there is any data collected on you by 33Across, you can use the tool below to access, review, delete, or prohibit sale of your information via our system(s) in real-time.